British-Moroccan songstress ELATRASI challenges taboos on "Immunity"

British-Moroccan multi-talent ELATRASI follows up impressive debut single “Heavy,” with a challenge against societal taboos on “Immunity”—an ethereal combination of orchestral strings and steadily building percussion layered over husky, emotive vocals.

A deeply intimate exploration of the Hertfordshire-based act’s personal vulnerabilities covering the hidden pain of invisible illness to contemplations of inner strength, the track forms as a cathartic release that transforms pain into power. 

Taking us on a reflective journey through resilience and empowerment, “Immunity,” sees ELATRASI wonder how we can build immunity to an aching soul, as rich harmonies infused with folk and Arab sonics merge with cinematic pop sensibilities for a fully immersive experience that pulls us straight into the pain and upliftment that the song brims with. Giving us the courage to fight our demons while she quiet weaves her own experiences with chronic health issues into the soaring ballad-esque melodies.

With a fierce yet gentle combination of mellow vocals, introspective songwriting and anthemic instrumentals, ELATRASI manages to intrigue and comfort in equal measures through the enchanting music that has seen her gain acclaim quickly off the back of her debut, now bringing hope when it's needed most with “Immunity.”

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