British-Persian artist Azadeh drops enchanting debut single “The Cure”

British-Persian singer/songwriter Azadeh has shared her debut single, “The Cure,” a stunning track showcasing the West London singer’s powerful vocals. The first track to be taken from her upcoming EP, “The Cure,” pays homage to one’s journey of overcoming fear and finding yourself. Drawing on her Persian descent, Azadeh’s music is a searing blend of western folk-inspired Persian songs with a classy alt-pop styling.

A slow-build, minimalist instrumental lays an unshakeable foundation in the background as the rising star – with her expansive repertoire of musical skills – captures listeners with her bold, enchanting vocals and poetic lyricism. Described by the artist as a “healing song,” there is a magnetic power hidden in the atmospheric simplicity Azadeh paints with her voice. With a wide-reaching, visceral soundscape -that lulls your mind into a peaceful calm before teasing you awake with tingly gooseflesh of anticipation across your body- “The Cure,” is the kind of song that remains with you long after the last notes fade.

Speaking of the track, the singer says, “The Cure is close to my heart and that is why I’ve chosen it as my debut single.  It is a song I wrote about overcoming fear, a crushing sense of self-doubt, betrayal and getting out of your head and quietly going deep within in your darkest moment to truly listen to the contrasting utter simplicity of what your soul craves.  It is an ode to all those who are close to giving up on their dreams, who then realise that you can never ever give up on your creativity.”

Equipped with flickering hope and cautious dreams, Azadeh found her cure, unearthing her natural musical talent and she’s forging ahead with a new-found measure of self-worth and belief in her music. With a debut single as memorable as this, what’s to come next from this multi-faceted artist is sure to be nothing short of mesmerising.

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