Bronx rapper LightUpp turns in his introspective new video for, "Lord Knows"

Known for its diverse communities, growing up in New York City could net somebody a whole array of influences on their creativity, especially when it comes to music. Hailing from the Bronx, rising rapper LightUpp knows this all too well, as his Dominican heritage meshed with the melting pot of other ethnicities around him growing up has allowed him a different perspective than many other rappers might have. After establishing a presence in the NY scene on the back of a few well-received singles, he returns to double down on that with his prideful new video for, "Lord Knows."

Directed by Gee Media, the video wastes no time informing the viewer of it's purpose. As a poignant shot of LightUpp covered in the Dominican flag shows,  a clip of a man saying, "who taught you to hate you to hate the texture of your hair?" plays on, firmly establishing the tone of the video. What follows is a prideful record about blocking out the naysayers and bigots over drill-inspired production from frequent collaborator, Cody. LightUpp utilizes the brooding drum breaks and towering synths to his advantage, as he takes a break from festive records to deliver a more introspective message about self-preservation. Coupling these notions with the aforementioned tone of the video, and it's obvious that the Bronx native has an agenda to get off, beginning with this message.

Take a peek at the video above and be sure to get familiar with LightUpp, one of the Bronx hottest up and comers.

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