Brother Leo balances playfulness with vulnerability on ‘PoP Poetry’

Acclaimed Swedish musician Ola Svensson pulled away from the spotlight after a successful music career. Now he returns under the moniker of Brother Leo showcasing a luscious new sound on album PoP Poetry, a collection of 14 tracks led by his smooth vocals and messages of self-acceptance.

Opening with the infectious quality of “Sunshine,” teaming up with  Swedish P3 Guld and Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter, Agrin Rahman to the anthemic, electro-tinged “Caroline” the album offers up a balance of playful soundscapes in tandem with vulnerability of tracks like “Hello Life,” and “A Friend In Me.”

Stripped back yet soaring numbers like “Kill The Dark,” unveil his vocal versatility while others like “Naked,” and “People,” showcase his abilities to craft layered, groovy sonics. Final track “Talking Like Sleep,” is an ethereal arrangement carried by an emotive delivery and soothing instrumental backdrop bringing a musical journey through abandonment, searching, escapism, longing, mental illness and being an underdog to a gentle ending.

Created over almost five years, the album was an intimate exploration of his heart as a person and creator, compounded by an expansive and resonant creative expression. A body of work rooted in honesty and healing, PoP Poetry sees this talented act emerge with fresh and meaningful perspectives in his music.

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