Brudini shines on “Radiant Man”

In an instant world, it’s easy to become acclimated to the airbrushed, pitch-corrected aperture that so many present, which in turn, overlooks the perfectly imperfect wabi-sabi of life. As an almost complete antithesis, London-based artist Brudini‘s charmingly organic take on contemporary singer-songwriter is ripe with emotion, soul and moreover, revels in its characterful rough edges.

Without the use of a click-track and using only analogue instruments, “Radiant Man” is a true display of the natural talent involved in its creation. Despite its name, the track is a darkly enthralling tale that plays out like a Greek tragedy, with his almost haunting vocal tones carrying the weight and exasperation of the lyrics with dutiful aplomb.

Speaking to the track in the email press release, Brudini outlines, “Radiant Man is the story of a person fighting against a tidal wave. In the midst of a crisis, I find there is something about the enduring human spirit that emerges and brings us closer,” a message perhaps more true than ever. Radiant Man is out now and will be featured on his debut album “From Darkness, Light” which is set to release May 15th via Ask the Dust Records.

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