Brussels duo Twin Toes drop innovative debut single, “Lost In Playlists"

Brussels duo Twin Toes make an impressive debut with their multi-layered pop offering, “Lost In Playlists,” an innovative production that creates a poetic narrative around the scattered names of playlists. Putting together a track that’s ultimately about heartbreak, the creative duo find a way to tell an emotive story in what begins as puzzle pieces of sonics.

Taking a unique approach to song writing and sound building, the duo take inspiration from 2000s indie vibes and videogame soundtracks slotting these nuanced samples into stories made from words that don’t mean much separately yet come together as a tale rooted in love and loss.

Crafted as a world for us to escape into, “Lost In Playlists,” is an intelligent combination of heartfelt emotions and disillusioned observations that feels intimate yet equally detached in its styling. With an accompanying music video that reflects the original Spotify visuals of the playlists, Twin Toes and director Simon Vanrie builds on the dreamy, escapist sensibility of the track, furthering the impression of being lost completely in the comfort that music provides.

Formed in 2019 by serendipity, Antoine Geluck and Nicolas Mouquet’s love for music took the shape of Twin Toes who come prepared to offer us earworm melodies that are sometimes surreal and at other times sarcastic, founded on a natural penchant for introspection and humor. Making themselves a presence worth noting on their first musical foray, this duo is set to finally dip their toes into the pop world.

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