Buzz Violet reveals vibrant debut single, “Energy”

The new solo project from lead vocalist of acclaimed alt-pop duo Petrie– Buzz Violet, the moniker of George Edward, has just released a vibrant debut single “Energy”.

A project that was created amongst significant life changes for George, “Energy” fuses bedroom pop sensibilities with silky guitar riffs and drum machine beats, a unique concoction of inspiration with summery, laidback lyrical deliveries. Neatly stacked vocals, dripping in rhythm and unexpected melody blends beautifully with an optimistic tone that cements George’s solo project as intriguing as ever.

Speaking about the track, Buzz explains: “”Energy” is a confession of one’s tendency to drink too much on the weekend and make poor decisions that negatively affect the relationships with those around you. I wrote it in the aftermath of a big night out where I made a fool of myself and regretted it – something I’m sure most of us can relate to! The narrator is explaining to a love interest that meeting them has inspired a desire to live life to the fullest by leading a crazy, hedonistic lifestyle as a means to recover from a dark period in the years beforehand. Although the love interest shares similar tendencies, they feel he’s taken it too far and he needs to ‘calm it down’ a little or he risks damaging the relationship.”

2023 is destined to be Buzz Violet’s year, with a naturally evolved sound and a brand new outlook.

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