BVNK explores forgiveness in R&B-tinged single “Situations”

Nigeria’s BVNK has made a cozy home for himself in the US, in Denver particularly, where he is flourishing as an artist. His latest single “Situations” being the cool-modern proof of that very blossom. 

The R&B single grooves slowly as it exudes the confidence, experience, and influences that years of traveling have granted the rapper. A worldliness is embedded in the music of BVNK, and you can cherry-pick what most appeals to you or let it all wash over fantastically.

Clean, slick guitar riffs soak in a European club modernist ambiance that trembles ever so softly to a beat that snaps beautifully, rhythmically American hip-hop. The flow and inflection of BVNK’s slightly accented vocals adding the Nigerian touch that makes the music so endearing, so BVNK. “Situations” encases themes of love, commitment, and forgiveness and then breaks that encasement in the song’s honest and catchy hook. There is a genuine regret in the refrain “I did something to you, I never said sorry to you” that pierces consciousness and opens up the heart to a melody so sweet.

“Situations” serves as the first single of BVNK’s upcoming debut EP XX/XX and already leaves a mighty impression that keeps the flame of curiosity swaying to its beat. Produced by Twelve 92, the single and album are a glossy door into the world of an artist that has been patiently waiting—and diligently working—to reveal the path he has walked, the mistakes he has made along the way, and the promises he intends to keep.

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