C5 takes us on a ride from the “Bay 2 LA”

C5 just dropped a fiery single titled “Bay 2 LA” off of his project Interstate 5, which is set to release May 15th. Being perfectly titled after the main interstate highway that runs the length of West Coast, this Oakland, California artist begins on a scenic route as he takes us on a drive from the “Bay 2 LA.”

Rapping since the 7th grade, C5 has always had a deep passion for music. Releasing this latest project had his fans throughout social media patiently anticipating the date. Thankful for their patience, on May 9th, C5 will post about the “Bay 2 LA” challenge for his fans, choosing a winner based on who can spit the best verse and upload a creative music video to go along with the track.
“Bay 2 LA” is a track that is guaranteed to give us all an adrenaline rush. It will undeniably have you bumping your head back and forth as you turn the volume up and take that drive down Route 5. Being filled with lively and electric beats, the catchy sound is combined with impeccable lyrics. Through poetic songwriting, he intelligently raps about his struggle and his determination to win. C5 will quickly capture your attention with this track, leaving us too impatiently waiting for his project to drop in a few days. 
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