Cale Tyson doesn’t want you to feel “Alone” [Video]

LA-based indie-folk artist Cale Tyson brings new light to country music on his new single “Alone”. This is his first release since his stripped-down 2019 EP, Narcissist. The track is outright pop-sounding, with country themes and imagery, and lo-fi bedroom instrumentation. It’s a woozy iteration of the lonesome and heartbroken folk trope, bundled with a colorful music video. 

Tyson said about the song, ““Alone” comes from a place of jealousy and insecurity, like so many things in life. It’s about being convinced that your lover (or ex-lover) is seeing someone else and how that can potentially mess with your head.” The music video was directed by Manuel Mancilla and shot in Buenaventura, Mexico. It’s desolate and eclectic, switching between dry scenes of a desert, and vibrant hues in the night. It features a love story plot that goes along with the themes of the lyrics. “Alone” was produced by Tyson, and features Aaron Stern (bass), Ben Lumsdaine (percussion), and Juan Solorzano (guitar). The song is a hopeful return for Cale Tyson and sets him off on a solid pace. 

Photo by Manuel Mancilla.

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