Caleb Kunle releases dreamy new single "Could Be Good"

Caleb Kunle is the product of an array of influences. Born in Laos, Nigeria, Kunle was subject to the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest cities in Africa during his upbringing. However, in the midst of his childhood he moved to tranquil domain of rural Ireland, a stark contrast from his previous experiences. This duality between peace and chaos has bled into his musical approach, a recipe culminating in a style emphasizing self-reflection and inquisition. 

This track features an intoxicating instrumental fusing together elements of neo-soul, folk, and psych influences. Opening with eerie, crude keys and layered with brilliant strings and flute, this composition does anything but follow the routine song progression. Instead, it meshes perfectly with Kunle's high-pitched, graceful voice to find a sonical style that has soul roots but expands beyond the limitations of a single genre. In terms of the lyrical substance, Kunle reflects on his experience with a flawed relationship and the oscillation of emotions that comes with it. 

Speaking about the new single and its context, Kunle said, "This song explores the invitation of pushing beyond our presumptions with the hope that things could be good. In my personal life, this song symbolises facing the waves of ups and downs and trusting they'll get you to where you need to be.  It's all been a growing process and this songs marks just that. Ultimately the song to me is an anthem of the triumph that can occur when we accept ourselves wholly and the situations that surround us."

Kunle's new song "Could Be Good" is his first release through new label Pony Recordings. The single is also his second of the year and follows his 2020 EP Rose Hertz

Watch the music video for "Could Be Good" above and stream the track here on Spotify or here on Apple Music. 

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