Cameroonian vocalist Phina Asa vocalizes official cover of Armin Van Buuren’s “This Is What It Feels Like” on Armada

Iconic dance imprint Armada Music ushers in a landmark release for Cameroonian vocalist Phina Asa and collaborator &friends who is excited to share their official afro-house cover of the milestone Armin Van Buuren track “This Is What It Feels Like”.

As the official re-imagination of the iconic dance track builds, the melody swells to a powerful chorus, driven by a pounding drumbeat and Phina Asa’s soaring vocals.  Frank Malloy IV is a skilled percussionist and proclaimed ‘priest of the drum’- he lent his expertise of sound healing and the intricacies of organic drumwork to the new rendition of “This Is What It Feels Like”. Across the entirety of the track’s production, all organic percussion elements comprise the lifeblood of the song. Lyrically, the song sings of resilience and strength, and the sense of triumph earned from overcoming adversity.  Brimming with passion and emotion, Phina Asa brings her unique energy to the cut, conveying the depth of her conviction and the power of determination.

2023 is the 10th anniversary of the original release of Armin Van Buuren’s pivotal “This Is What It Feels Like”. The single catapulted the trance legend to the forefront of popular culture, setting the stage for a meteoric rise and positioning Armin Van Buuren as a permanent fixture in dance music.  

2023 has seen the burgeoning &friends project maintain momentum, seeing Phina Asa’s vocal introduction to the project with “Dangerous”.  Phina Asa’s first time singing to a large audience was at the age of 10 in Cameroon at boarding school, music has always been her inspiration and a means of communicating her thoughts and feelings to the world.  For Phina, music is a place of commonality and is her unique way of providing light to those in the dark.  The Nigerian vocalist has joined the afro house collective on two recent releases, one on their own imprint Hidden Hands, and their milestone Armada Music debut with “This Is What It Feels Like”.

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