Canada’s Boslen debuts video for genre-bending new single, “DENY” [Video]

Vancouver based rapper, Boslen returns with another experimental single, “DENY” featuring Tyla Yaweh. The accompanying visual is a complex follow up to his last release for “TRIP,” exploring the aftermath of a tumultuous relationship. The single gives a taste of the rapper’s softer mellow style.

“DENY” has a laid back pop sound with a subtle hip-hop beat. The beginning guitar riff gives the beat an alt-rock feel, while Boslen showcases his vocals on the first verse. Capitalizing on the unique melodies of Tyla Yaweh, the single combines a modern harmony with chill bars. Each verse is structured and powerful, hovering over the beat with a smooth lyricism. Boslen raps, “How did I go wrong?/ You was on the run / I was left by myself.” The betrayal and hurt is felt in his voice yet the hook is catchy enough to be an upbeat bop. The track boasts a refreshing depth with impactful lyrics and a memorable beat.

Boslen continues to give fans a glimpse of his upcoming album, DUSK to DAWN. His uncommon sound and no-frills demeanor make him an emerging artist to watch. “DENY” successfully blends aspects of multiple genres to depict the rapper’s past experiences with relationships.

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