Canada’s Ollie returns with fresh new visual for “home”

Canadian emcee Ollie has returned with a new visual for his single “home”. Hailing from a small town just south of Toronto, Ollie has consistently released engaging, lyrically focused singles that touch on topics like failure, heartbreak and mental health- providing relatable offerings for young people facing the same issues. His latest marks another heartfelt and candid release, set to refreshing, subdued visuals directed by Brendan Barnard.

“home” contains bittersweet production centred around sullen guitars that drift atop organic-sounding percussion and rich bass. The track opens with a wistful melodic hook before Ollie picks up the pace with emotive, focused rap verses detailing loss, mental health, and more. With a crisp delivery and smooth cadence, he draws the listener into the track’s ruminative soundscape and delivers a series of relatable, detailed bars. Accompanied by a refreshing and minimalistic visual that captures the track’s melancholic essence, “home” makes for an emotive viewing and listening experience that immerses the listener in its moody ambiance.

The latest from Canadian artist Ollie, “home” builds upon his recent releases including the sharply-crafted singles “Wasted” and “Affection” to present another evocative and candid offering.

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