Canadian duo PINEO & LOEB channel the good vibes on "Good Vibe Feeling"

Canadian DJ and production duo PINEO & LOEB come together with hip-hop artist FUEG and saxophonist Ellie Sax on groovy production "Good Vibe Feeling," bringing starkly different musicalities for a seamless, cohesive delivery. Staying true to its name , the track immediately gets you in the mood to dance your troubles away as it thrums with feel-good vibes.

With powerful hip-hop verses and anthemic electro-tinged instrumentals swirling with the classy style of the sax, "Good Vibe Feeling," delivers a luxurious blend of genres and soundscapes. A track that highlights individual musicality as much as comes alive as an amalgamation of versatile sonics, each note drips with sonic expertise, as PINEO & LOEB’s electronic sensibilities blend with FUEG’s suave delivery, crossing over with Royal Northern College of Music graduate Ellie Sax’s intricate techniques.

From a serendipitous meeting several years ago after being booked for the same show to an artistry built on deeply collaborative creativity, PINEO & LOEB have come a long way with their highly energetic offerings, and "Good Vibe Feeling," is just one more milestone in their continuing musical journey.

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