Canadian R&B artist Myles Lloyd keeps it real in "Counting Days"

Canadian R&B artist Myles Lloyd is shining bright with his latest single, "Counting Days." Following his other 2021 releases, “Running On You,” and “Monster,” Lloyd returns with a slam-dunk anthem. Always keeping it real, the new song is some of his most honest work to date, residing in a darker tone than his previous tunes. This track is bursting with emotion and drive to do better and to be better.

Entering with a distorted melody, “Counting Days” makes quite the atmosphere for Lloyd’s voice to sit on. Being a passionate, deep thinker himself, Lloyd’s vocals have a calming touch and when paired with such a haunting soundscape, the result is an overwhelmingly powerful song. “I need something new / demons are complaining,” he sings, talking about the need to exit that oh-so-familiar comfort zone. The darker feel in this R&B track runs alongside a hopeful sense, all mixed in with a longing for change.

The track is described by the Canadian himself as the “realest song” he’s ever made and it's clear that there is nothing to hide in this track, it’s as authentic as they come. The song talks of the need to leave your comfort zone in order to grow and the power of fighting your demons. Lloyd shares, “I hope that when people listen to this song they realise that they aren’t alone. Everyone is trying to figure themselves out during these times and are missing the way things used to be.”

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