Capo Corleone and Kuba Więcek show some self-appreciation in new EP, ‘Thank Myself’

Los Angeles Hip-Hop artist Capo Corleone teams up with Polish Jazz artist Kuba Więcek for their new EP, Thank Myself. The entire premise of the seven-track release is about taking time to reflect on yourself and give thanks for getting you to where you are today.

Corleone shares, “I want to encourage people to thank themselves for their scars and to thank themselves for remaining strong despite the obstacles and naysayers. These are the things that make us the powerful human beings we are all capable of becoming.”

The collaboration between the two is undeniably unique, as we see them collide two opposite worlds, in a one-of-a-kind formation. However, with both artists being masters in their own fields, they have managed to create something which blends these two genres seamlessly, making it seem like they were meant to be united. Described as “one part Sax, one part Emcee,” Corleone’s storytelling lyrics and Więcek’s impressive Sax skills provide a captivating listening experience that draws you in from the very first second. 

Title-track “Thank Myself” encompasses the whole theme of the EP, as Corleone prompts you to show gratitude to yourself, the journey you have taken and for everything you have been through. This EP is definitely worth a listen for not only its extraordinary sonic world, but for its positive message. If you need a pick me up, or a reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing, then give Thank Myself a listen. 

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