Captains Of The Imagination share visuals for “Never Felt So Alone” [Video]

Swiss rap/soul trio  Captains Of The Imagination recently dropped their EP Fingerprint and now they return with the visual for “Never Felt So Alone,” which serves as the third single from the aforementioned project. The group led by vocalists Imagine,  Dr. Koul, and Evita Koné got French producer Josra and British violinist Julian Azkoul to craft them a moody synth-driven backdrop ripe with punchy drum grooves and wobbly basslines. As the title suggests, the track sees the trio diving into issues such as self-doubt, depression, and loneliness in this digital age. Each emcee shares their perspective giving the listeners a different and nuanced take on the matter. Evita leads the track with unapologetic energy followed by Imagine’s reflective tone and Dr.Koul’s somber take on broken friendships.

The visual details the theme of the song with a visual representation of what each character is going through. From the moody and dark lighting and ominous set pieces, we get to see the trio weaving through their angst the best way they know how.

Fingerprint is Captains Of The Imagination’s sixth studio album, an EP produced entirely by Josra and Bdance, beatmakers for the French label Sorry I’m Late. Imagine, Evita Koné & Dr. Koul immerse themselves fully in this new aesthetic without betraying their group’s identity: introspective lyrics, dynamic flows, soulful melodies, guest musicians, and orchestral arrangements. The project is versatile and mature, full of catchy hooks and punchy beats, and always containing deeper messages under the surface.

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