Caroline Culver drops happy track on a sad story on “Maggie Told Me You Got A New Girl”

Nashville indie rock act Caroline Culver weaves indie folk and shoegaze vibes on “Maggie Told Me You Got A New Girl,” turning sadness into fun, upbeat moments. Carried by her emotive yet gritty vocals over dreamy melodies, the lyrically-driven track draws away from typical darkness and moody sound to craft something more vibrant.

Described by Caroline as a “happy-sounding song about reflecting upon a sad story,” the 23-year-old manages to weave a narrative that’s infused with emotion, and heartache of looking back at relationships past, while managing to do with a comical and charming touch.

Speaking of the track, she said, “What started out as a sad idea turned into one of the most fun and upbeat things I’ve done so far. I feel like this song allowed me to not take myself or my emotions to seriously and just find the good in letting go.”

From releasing her debut single in 2020, Caroline has quickly won hearts with soothing yet anthemic musical style. Now, she with this latest offering she showcases her ability to move from her signature and have fun with her craft.

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