Carrie Baxter's groovy EP What Now reveals a playful new side to her artistry

London-based soul singer Carrie Baxter reveals a playful side to her artistry on groovy EP What Now. Tapping into her signature lyrical exploration of introspection, love and heartbreak, the eight-track project is much more expansive in its song writing, as Baxter trades personal stories for wider narratives.

Starting off with suave stylings of “What Now(intro),” the EP leads seamlessly into the vibrant sonics of “Something In The Water,” led by Baxter’s sultry vocals, hazy synth-tinged instrumentals and a pulsing beat. With the first two tracks establishing the soulful vibes of the EP, the Irish-born singer infuses her charm with “You Know I Want Ya,” a demo which gives us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the layered production.

The husky quality of Baxter’s vocals becomes the star of lead single “Rose,” a laid-back and sexy track that lulls us with its slow-build sonics, followed strongly by the lush, emotive nature of soaring offering “Nostalgia.” Her poignant song writing extends throughout the EP, coming out strong on the spoken-word interlude “Long Distance.”

On penultimate track, “You,” Baxter’s raspy vocals takes the tempo down before the carefree abandon of outro “ Ya Can’t Stay Here,” sees the Irish-born act bring the quirkness which underpins the EP to its peak, her laughter-laden delivery putting us in a good mood as the final notes fade.

Peppered with self-reflection, humor and strength gained over lockdown, the EP which was crafted in collaboration with producer GRAMM is a cathartic production that sees Baxter step out of her musical comfort zone. Infused with upliftment and nostalgia, What Now takes her artistry forward from its intimate setting into something more expansive.

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