Cartwright shares stunning, emotive journey into his own emotions on “Into The Wild”

Cartwright’s latest single, “Into The Wild,” is a captivating and deeply personal musical journey inspired by his solo trip around the Scottish highlands. During his exploration, he stumbled upon an old fishing lodge that held familial connections, unearthing a new branch of his family and igniting a newfound musical direction. This track serves as a beautifully rousing and uplifting moment from his upcoming debut EP, encompassing the essence of his transformative journey.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Ben Howard, Bon Iver, Big Thief, and Alex Turner, Cartwright’s musical style is gentle, soulful, and charismatic. “Into The Wild” is a poignant and introspective song, written from the perspective of Chris McCandless, the protagonist of the book that shares the same name. It showcases Cartwright’s artistic persona as touching and thoughtful, building upon the success of his debut single.

The recording process for “Into The Wild” took Cartwright to Middle Farm studios in the Devon countryside, where he collaborated with producer Eliot James. James’s expertise, having worked with acclaimed artists such as Two Door Cinema Club and Noah & The Whale, brought the perfect touch to the songs. The choice to venture away from London allowed them to tap into the wilderness and create an authentic atmosphere that perfectly complemented the mood of the track.

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