Casii Stephan's "These Hard Days" delivers an important message about community

Oklahoma-based singer/songwriter Casii Stephan is best known for her hopeful and honest storytelling, which has a profound effect in the way that she connects with her listeners. Inspired by legendary female artists such as Florence Welch, Fiona Apple and Carole King, the artist is driven to create songs that deliver raw value and wisdom through personal messages. Now she has unleashed "These Hard Days", a somber and emotive indie pop single.

In "These Hard Days", Stephan opens up about her struggle with darkness and destruction during these unprecedented times, while at the same time encouraging her listeners to move through any tension and negativity they are feeling. She confides, "I wish this song wasn’t relevant again. But here we are – wondering what the future holds. My hope is that this song gives you permission to scream out your rage, sorrow, and confusion. Cause we’ll never be the same." The track features a thoughtfully crafted blend of earnest lyricism, stirring vocals and stripped down piano that takes the shape of a diary, one that holds many questions as it does answers. Highly relatable and unashamed, Casii Stephen creates a safe space for people who are experiencing similar hardships, thus making them feel seen, validated, and comforted knowing that they are not alone in their pain.
Casii Stephan is a Tulsa based soul meets indie pop artist who has received numerous acclaims for her masterful songwriting. Growing up timid, she found solace in writing music and performing starting at the young age of 16. Since then, the songwriter has released a series of singles, many of which have centered around the theme of hope, one in which she finds inspiration from in her own personal life. 
Check out Casii Stephan's  "These Hard Days" and remember to support each other through these difficult times.
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