Cassia share the sun-drenched new EP “Magnifier”

Indie newcomers Cassia have been making a name for themselves throughout this year with their irresistble bops. Now, the UK trio share their new EP Magnifier, a collection of tracks that showcase the band’s incredible rise with their dazzling, kaleidoscopic indie tunes.

Injecting a multitude of colour into their work, Cassia are guaranteed to transport you into a galaxy of bright colours and laidback vibes. Intertwined with happy-go-lucky melodies, Magnifier promises a whirlwind of elegance. On EP opener and the latest single, “Slow” sets the tone with its majestic guitar flows and soothing lightweight vocals. It’s an iridescent summery cut that refuses to be confined to it’s title and bursts onto the scene with high energy and vigour.

While our favourite “Right There” remains a clear highlight with its infectious jangly guitars and upbeat sonic textures, new single “Vitamins” claims its throne as a summer anthem with its rousing bass patterns and peppered guitar lines. A track about long distance relationships where phone calls become your emotional lift, the single is an instant boost like the fizzy Berocca after a heavy night out, an instant mood shifter and a moment of normality. Bliss.

Closing EP with the honeyed “Gotta Get Through Til Monday”, the track elongates the band’s hold on your attention span for just a little longer with the hypnotic guitars and woozy vocals that are exceptionally compelling. Recording the EP entirely by themselves in Berlin, the four-track body of work is a refreshing addition to the indie genre. With heightened elements of indietronica whilst maintaining the sing-along anthemic choruses that indie does so well, Magnifer provides an instant hit of serotonin and vita D to provide that radiant glow.

“Moving to Berlin and not being able to go out meant we basically just locked ourselves in, built a studio and slept there for a month”, lead single Rob Ellis says.  “The name ‘Magnifier’ came about when we were thinking about what all these songs meant collectively for us. They’re all individually carrying and serving different but together they end up magnifying our inner psyche, showcasing each and every fibre of our feelings back when we were writing it. By the end of the process we knew exactly what the others were going through just by what song they would bring into the studio the next day.”

If Cassia are yet to be on your radar, then you’re messing out. Rife with indie intimacies and sun-soaked embellishments, Magnifer is one of the best EPs I’ve heard this year. It’s ability to make everything feel perfect, even if it’s not quite aye-okay, is compelling and quite honestly, a huge blessing. If you need a bit of a pick-me-up, or you just want to feel some nostalgic indie loving, then Cassia are the boys for you.

Magnifer is out now via BMG.

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