Cassius Select raises the bar in 'Shake Like Me'

Master of broken beats and all things off-kilter, Cassius Select has joined the BRUK Records family with a brand new, mind-warping EP. Spanning four tracks — each more boggling than the last — Cassius Select proves exactly why he's one of the most interesting artists on the market.

Opening track “Dread Percent” carves out a moody and unsettling soundscape, contrasting airy synths with chopped, sliced and warped vocal snippets. Knocking listeners off balance is exactly what we’d expect from Lavurn Lee, and this track alone does the job nicely. “Fish Tek” offers a more club-focused cut, brimming with heavy-duty breaks, electro-tinged elements and muffled vocals. A straight up rave-weapon, this one will shake the room to its very core on a proper soundsystem. For lovers of all things bass-heavy and experimental, this could be one of the biggest bangers of the latter half of 2021. Solid from start to finish.

“Mess Mutual” opens with industrial undertones and ambient drones, slowly breaking into a meandering rhythm to create a track that goes just as hard at home as it does in the club; a masterful art if ever there was one. More dynamic vocals add a new element of depth to the track, and in true Cassius Select style, it feels like organised chaos. Whilst “Fish Tek” is an early standout, this one isn’t far behind. “Shake Like Me” rounds things off in all the style one might hope for, winding into a bass-centred, drum-heavy workout — fit for only the finest of speakers. Fun, edgy, and just downright mad, the Berlin-based DJ and producer is quickly becoming a go-to for all things weird and especially wonderful.

Shake Like Me can be streamed and purchased via Bandcamp.

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