Cassy London delves into self-worth on “Yellow Bricks”

Southern California-raised pop act Cassy London channels quirky yet seductive vibes on alt-pop number “Yellow Bricks,” encapsulating themes of self-worth as the rising act proves she can overcome any obstacles on her path to success.

A much-needed reminder that we’re capable of making our dreams come true if we’re able to build the confidence to go after what we want, the vibrant track blends luscious vocal harmonies with an addictive trip-hop beat in one of London’s most sonically adventurous foray yet.

Having honed an intricate mix of crisp melodies and euphoric vibes, this emerging artist has infused her classical music foundation with a genre-bending modern pop artistry to carve out a space in music as she builds towards the greatness she’s made for on this latest production.

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