Ceara Cavalieri shares pop rock anthem “Liar Liar”

Southern California rising alt pop singer Ceara Cavalieri has just unleashed her latest autobiographical new single “Liar Liar.” The track follows this year’s single releases “Radio Silence” and “Used” from the prolific songwriter.

“Liar Liar” tells the story of Ceara Cavalieri’s own issues with a past boyfriend who ended up cheating on her with a former friend of hers. Her own intuition kicked in and the songwriter had a dream that he was cheating to which he always denied. Eventually, his friend told her what happened, backing it up with screenshots showing Ceara that her boyfriend needed to be kicked to the curb.

With lyrics including, “Sorry excuse for a narcissist / Liar liar, big fat liar / What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas / Not when I trust intuition”, Ceara calls him out for his deceitful nature and she won’t take it. “Liar Liar” begins with upbeat electric guitar riffs and driving pop punk bass lines underneath Ceara’s soaring vocals. The sing-a-long worthy chorus features layered vocals that are both vulnerable as well as fierce, captivating the listener at every note for a stand out post breakup song.

Ceara Cavalieri is an undeniably talented singer/songwriter who fuses pop, rock and electronic for an authentic sonic explosion. Her music often centers around themes including navigating relationships in your 20s. With a handful of singles and more music to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next from this rising star.

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