Celebrate Pride with Annelle Staal’s “Tonight” [Video]

Nashville based singer/songwriter and Twitch influencer Annelle Staal has just shared her latest single and accompanying music video. The dreamy new track “Tonight,” follows the single “New People,” released earlier this year.

“Tonight,” is a romantic reverie of first queer love, a perfect story to celebrate during Pride month. For Staal, the song was written during a time when she was not out but dreamed of a new love where she could be her true self and find a connection that was open and honest.

Confiding, “I have many fond memories of allowing my mind to run wild with the possibilities of a new person and a new life. As a closeted queer living in the south, sometimes that was with another girl. As a young adult who is learning to celebrate my identity, my thoughts travel back to those moments.”

With lyrics including “dream of the new life with you and I / we open our eyes,” Staal is reveling in the beauty of intense and sweet new love. The cinematic music video shot in intimate and sexy lighting shows Staal and a female love interest enjoying their time together, falling in love.

Musically, “Tonight” features Staal’s velvety-smooth soulful vocals over thumping basslines that are reminiscent of a beating heart. Colorful soaring soundscapes and lush bright acoustic guitars underlie captivating melodies for an enthralling listen.

Annelle Staal grew up as a military brat in the deep south to a deeply religious family. Channeling music as a way of expression, she released her debut EP Mars in 2017. When the pandemic hit, she knew she had to connect with her audience in a new way as she could no longer tour. So Staal took to Twitch, streaming every weekend and finding an even new fanbase who tunes in for her music and funny skits weekly. With more music to come, we can’t wait to hear what is next from this indie pop riser.

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