Chanelle Kazadi gives us her "Two Cents" [Video]

Chanelle Kazadi has shared a new release entitled "Two Cents", which finds her weaving elastic flows over top of warm, groovy production. Paired with a visual that is laid-back and vibrant, this offering captures her relaxed, confident style. Kazadi, who grew up in Ravenna, Ohio, found her true passion in music after initially pursuing a career as a professional boxer. After releasing a series of strong early projects, her efforts have culminated in this recent track "Two Cents", which finds her reaching new heights creatively.

The instrumental for "Two Cents" is elegant, containing warm vocal samples swirling over top of bouncy percussion. Accompanied by subtle, graceful keys, the instrumental is refreshing, yet carries a retro charm. Kazadi's delivery and tone fit smoothly with the beat, as she delivers a series of nimble, engaging verses. Her flows are highly dynamic, keeping us glued to the speakers throughout.

The visual, directed by Anna Dominguez, is mellow and evocative, utilizing muted, cozy colors to convey nostalgia. It captures life in Kazadi's hometown, bringing the song's narrative to life and providing a profound sense of authenticity. Her assured, magnetic performance is also captivating, making the visual worthy of many re-visits. 

"Two Cents" is a cut from her recent album Make It Work, a warm, expressive collection of jazz rap tracks. Kazadi's command of the microphone and witty charm make her easy to cheer for, and it is exciting to watch her continue to climb the ranks in underground hip-hop. We can only hope for more soon from this up-and-coming artist, with "Two Cents" capping off an already prolific 2021.

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