Charity Children channel their flamboyant artistry on music video for “She Still Wants You"

Berlin-based, New Zealand-raised alt-pop duo Charity Children share their mystical music video for soft and groovy offering “She Still Wants You,” taken from their latest album Almost Young, which combines their uplifting soundscapes with flamboyant imagery.

With twinkling synths and hazy vocals offset by the theatrical sensibilities of the visuals, the track taps into the duo’s modern vintage artistry, which is underpinned by witty yet poetic lyricism. “She Still Wants You,” much like the rest of the album captures Charity Children in the moment, reflecting their highs and lows with an easy, feel-good groove, even as a heart-wrenching goodbye looms in the background.

Almost Young is a healing journey tinged pain, loss and inevitability of change in life, as filmmakers/musicians and now ex-partners, Chloë Lewer and Elliott McKee, make music together for one last time. Taking an experimental route while still being strongly rooted in the signature timelessness of their music, the video for “She Still Wants You,” which is directed by McKee offers a celebration of life and an escape from our troubles as the duo draw us with its vivid storytelling for one last hoorah.

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