Charli Adams reaches for something familiar in new single “Superpowers”

A new environment has a way of bringing out something new in us, for American singer-songwriter, Charli Adams, it comes in the form of new single “Superpowers.” The acoustic composition puts the indie artist in the familiar position of vulnerability and seclusion that first propelled her from secret shows in her native Alabama to the bright lights of downtown Nashville. “Superpowers” is sizzling contemplation heated by harmonious spells and powerful guitar strums that resonate both here and there, from Adams’ yesterdays and tomorrows.

“I felt far away from the people that I love, and I remembered a conversation I had with a guy I wished I could see,” shares Adams. “The last time I saw him, we were debating what superpower was superior and concurred that it was definitely transportation. He and I had always felt like we could save our connection for another time, and that one day we would realize we were ‘the ones that got away.'” It is with a somber touch that Adams crafts a song that ultimately steps out from its shadows into the sweet, warm light of hope; the short track is a throwback to a simpler time that still has the resolve to face the reality of today.

The visual for the song, an animated lyric video, plays out like a set of notebook thoughts and drawings that feel like a DIY comic book matching the theme and innocence of the music. We’ve all been there: imagining we could save the world, that our would-be superpowers could make a difference in the lives of many, yet sometimes our superpower is in the being of our true selves, and the difference made is in the life of one— that is more than enough to save the world.

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