Charli Adams releases aching new single “Headspace” with Ruston Kelly

The anticipation for Alabama-native Charli Adams’ debut LP Bullseye is building, and single “Headspace” only adds fuel to the fire. The latest cut from the album, expected July 16th, is a coming-of-age-inspired story featuring fellow Nashville-based artist Ruston Kelly.

“Headspace” is about being so in love with someone that it physically hurts,” Adams says about the track. “When you’re almost mad at yourself for still loving this person.” Kelly’s recognizably moving vocals meld so effortlessly with Adams’ come the pre-chorus, both reciting their pensive perspectives on being stuck in that aching space. A soft background rhythm reminiscent of an alt-country ballad ushers in Kelly’s verse – building eventually to both sets of vocals reaching an almost celestial level at the bridge. “Headspace” follows on the heels of Adams’ April single “Cheer Captain”; both tracks are prime examples of her soul-baring honesty in songwriting. With this latest addition, the entirety of Bullseye promises to be just as unafraid to chronicle frustration, realization, and heartache through powerfully emotive songs. 

Photo credit: Luke Rogers

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