Charlie Noiir shares 15 track epilogue ‘On My Sleeve’

In Toronto, Charlie Noiir is known as the life and soul of the party. As the artist shifts from R&B to Soul to Hip-Hop, we see just how multi-faceted Charlie is as we are drawn into his world. Endlessly likeable with a playful tone, it’s difficult not to form an instant bond within minutes of the first track of his new album On My Sleeve.

Opening, title track “On My Sleeve,” drips melting bell sounds over Charlie’s husky, stacked vocals, building to an anthemic and punchy hook that showcases Charlie’s melodic, R&B approach and rhythmic delivery. Charlie’s starkly honest lyric “I’ve been thinking on success, and what that means for men” takes a thoughtful and reflective turn, juxtaposing the sonic power of the track.

On “Stars,” Charlie brings a celestial quality with spacious bars packing a powerful punch and sending the listener into oblivion. Midpoint track “Ugly,” is utterly intoxicating, blending dark melodies with piercing beats before shifting into the bouncing, energised “Masters.” Charlie goes out with a bang on “Reasons” ft. Tribe Alexander, showing that throughout the twists and turns of the album, he was always on the way to an unforgettable finale and goes out with a fiery bang.

 Charlie shows that he is endlessly diverse, blossoming out of the Canadian Hip-Hop scene and into a world of his own, crafting his sound with care and attention and delivering it with striking assertion that is sure to take him far.

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