Charlie Powers cant get you out his “Mouth”

The 22-year-old artist, Charlie Powers, has been making waves in the Alternative R&B world with his silky smooth voice and soul-filled productions. Now he introduces us to his latest work “Mouth.”

“Mouth” is yet another passionate ballad full of groovy guitar, emotive percussion, and impeccable vocal performance complemented by his vocal processing and layering. While the song plays he conveys his message about not being about to get someone out of his mouth, and how this kind of vulnerability can lead to insecurity in the relationship.

Born into a military family, Powers picked up music at a very young age and knew that his life truly wouldn’t be complete without it. With the constant moving and uncertainty, he found solace in being the master of his own creations.  This latest release is just one of many creative and unique projects that the young act has in store for 2020.

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