Charlotte Sands "All My Friends Are Falling In Love" is all too relatable

Charlotte Sands just released her new song, "All My Friends Are Falling In Love," and it's the angsty, lovelorn anthem of the summer. 

Charlotte Sands can perfectly meld together her pop sensibilities with the nostalgic pop-punk sound that everyone misses. It has all of those feelings of angst against shimmering melodies and an anthemic chorus. 

Sands really captures that feeling. That hope and desire are so present, and you can feel it in her voice when she hits the chorus. It's such a release. She's so desperate to be happy, and it radiates through the song. She explains in a recent press release, "It's hard to stop thinking about someone you miss when you're constantly surrounded by happy couples, and it can feel really isolating." 

Charlotte was raised on 2000s pop punk and is rooted in the lyricism of folk singer-songwriters. It makes for the perfect juxtaposition, those thoughtful lyrics with that hint of danger. Her hit single "Dress" has amassed over 5 million streams since its release in late 2020 and her audience has just continued to grow ever since. 

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