Charm of Finches delivers thought-provoking single "Heavy"

Indie-folk sister duo Charm of Finches just released their single "Heavy" which is off their new album Wonderful Oblivion. The sisters, who create otherworldly folk compositions drenched in poetic bliss and ancient wisdom, are also known for their symbolic and enchanting Victorian meets storybook aesthetic that never ceases to dull the senses.

In "Heavy", Charm of Finches reflects on the intensifying destruction of nature and subsequently ourselves. According to the sisters, "This song is an expression of the sadness and frustration we feel about the state of the world. The song reflects on how, in this modern world, we have in many ways lost our connection to nature. Consumerism and a culture of narcissism are coping mechanisms to fill the void where that future shock, emptiness and sadness would be." Offered as a warning, the sisters openly express the impact that our poor decisions will have on our well-being and generations to come. Featuring beautifully layered vocals and a wide range of instrumentation including the cello, violin, piano and bass, the song is an eloquent and haunting tale that begs us to return to nature in order to return to ourselves.

Based out of Melbourne, Charm of Finches have been celebrated for their "haunted folk tunes about love, grief and whispering trees." Inspired by great folk artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Gillian Welch, Agnes Obel and First Aid Kit, the sisters combine an eclectic mix of contemporary folk, classical, and chamber orchestra for an intoxicating and novel sound. Their new album, Wonderful Oblivion, is the duo's third studio album that explores themes of melancholy, relationships, and overcoming mental health struggles.

Listen to Charm of Finches new single "Heavy" and remember to reconnect with the things that matter most.

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