Charmaine is in her element on “Don’t Care”

Canada-based, Zimbabwe-born rapper Charmaine is slowly building her status as one to watch. From her humble beginnings in an immigrant family, Charmaine found an outlet in music at a young age. She has now found her lane and armed with a fiery and boisterous flow, she delivers the devil may care anthem “Don’t Care” that sums up her persona.

The track is an upbeat, bouncy record that blends parts grime and hip-hop. A mix of energetic synths, crunchy fast-paced drums, and pulsating bass lines hard enough to rattle the car speakers. Charmaine sure sounds comfortable and sets out to devour the competition with her effortless flow that switches up every now and then as the song progresses. As the title suggests, Charmaine informs the naysayers know that she has zero chills and their side talks don’t quite matter to her in the hand scheme of things. 

“Don’t Care” is the stand-out track from her forthcoming 5 track debut EP Hood Avant-Garde.

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