Chaz Cardigan likens patriotism to a toxic relationship on "We Look So Good" [Video]

Singer-songwriter Chaz Cardigan compares patriotism to staying with a toxic partner on catchy new track “We Look So Good.” Led by Cardigan’s dynamic vocals, an uplifting guitar-led soundscape belies the serious message of the topic. Written with Søren Hansen during the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown, the intelligent offering taps into the confusion and anger Cardigan held over the way the working class and immigrants are treated in the U.S.

Weaving a fantasy “in which the United States is doing great, and that it has redeemable qualities,” with his powerful songwriting skills, the track draws from Cardigan’s own struggle with patriotism and aligns it with the toxicity of staying with a partner even if there is nothing positive about your relationship.

The DIY video shot on handheld VHS cameras elevates the introspections of “We Look So Good,” with the vivid picture it paints, bringing to light conflicts, quick fixes that fall through and the ensuing turmoil, even as the anthemic chorus gets our feet tapping along.

With aspirations to change the music industry in his own way, through NVAK Collective, his socially-driven talent incubator and record label for women and non-binary artists, Chaz Cardigan has set the stage for more compelling music – this latest track being a glimpse of it.

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