Ché shares eclectic single, “APRIL 16TH”

New York artist Ché has shared a new single called “APRIL 16TH”. No stranger to pushing the boundaries, the artist has been busy expanding his versatile sound across releases such as Ghost Log Cabin and Ché Unplugged. On “APRIL 16TH”, he continues this trend engagingly, while also further refining his sleek rap cadence and dynamic singing with a release that blends eclectic influences cohesively.

“APRIL 16TH” opens with a rich performance from Ché, before watery keys and infectious bass blend together to create a smoky backdrop. The song builds into an organic-sounding, dry drum groove that locks in Ché’s sleek, engaging rap flows, as he switches effortlessly between engaging singing and sharp hip-hop verses. The warm, jazzy track is effective in its simplicity, while putting Ché’s focused songwriting on full display.

“APRIL 16TH” represents a refreshing new direction for New York’s Ché, as it is a diverse joint that has us excited for what may be coming next from him this year.

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