Cheap Teeth get rough and rowdy on “Animal Fat”

“Does anybody say hello to a fickle man?” ask British punk group Cheap Teeth on their new single “Animal Fat”. The four-piece out of Edinburgh has raw energy ripping with classic punk tones. The band’s unpolished garage sound revitalizes the modern punk circuit and brings it back to its origins. The track is short and to the point, with lyrics hammering on about rebelling against normal life. 

 “Animal Fat” has a rickety guitar chugging along at the bottom of the track, coupled with shouting lyrics and a pulsing drum beat. The track is produced by Chris McCrory, who also produced their debut EP, Give Me More, Show Me Less. The production on the song keeps the unapologetic edge to the music while smoothing out the vocals into something classic sounding, seemingly out of a smoke-filled jazz club. It brings exciting energy and style into the genre. It’s a sound that takes ‘70s proto-punk inspiration like Richard Hell or Modern Lovers, and revitalizes it to create a modern punk anthem that stirs up commotion through its direct and existentialist lyrics. Cheap Teeth are shining brighter on this new track, and we’ll be eagerly awaiting their next release. 

“Animal Fat” is out now on Permanent Creep Records. Stream here. 

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