Ches Barrow is vulnerable yet empowering on her debut EP 'Girl Who Ruled The World'

London pop musician Ches Barrow lets us into the pain, grit and victories of her musical journey with debut EP Girl Who Ruled The World, an empowering five-track production led by her husky vocals, melodic instrumentals and highly poetic lyricism. 

Opening with the acoustic style of “Indian Ink Girl,” the EP channels touches of folk as her unique, wispy vocals layer over signature sonics of piano with guitars. From the minimalist nature of “The Dark Side,” to the soft melodies of “Lion Heart,” Barrow’s captivating and bold voice develop as the star around which her transportive artistry develops.

An EP that’s created to tell the tales of what music means to Barrow, there has been no holding back from the rising act on Girl Who Ruled The World, as the anthemic soft rock style of “Little Rock and Roll,” move seamlessly into an impressive finish with the glitchy modernity and unbridled energy of the title track.

Transitioning from fashion to pop music, Ches Barrow has quickly risen through the ranks, creating a space for herself within a world of inspirational female pop talent with her heavily-styled, emotive music. Girl Who Ruled The World is a symbol of her growth and bravery as an artist, bringing out the most vulnerable and private parts of herself out hidden behind the raw power of her pop-rock sound.

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