Chiae uses love to "Cash Out" [Video]

Chiae releases a fiery visual for his new single, "Cash Out,"  a smooth track that powerfully demonstrates Chiae's beautiful voice and intriguing production filled with snappy sounds, piano keys, drums, and lofi sounds. 

Being his first single and visual of 2021, Chiae comes back strong. This artist has a tendency to sing his soul out through delivery, such as in his single “Get To The Bag” that he dropped in 2020. This time, he continues to sing his heart out, but he tries something even more different, singing a ballad-like track, courageously hitting high notes and captivating our attention.
Having an extremely smooth voice filled with raw emotion, he makes this the perfect song that can serve as a lullaby or a track that you can put on when you're going for a late night drive. Through romantic and poetic songwriting, Chiae beautifully paints a love story that is shaped by luxury and the finer things in life, hence the meaning behind the title. Singing over a vibrant beat filled with snappy sounds, piano keys, drums, and lofi sounds, which was produced by T-Minus, we experience pure euphoria as the sounds light up the environment, especially in the synthesizers and the bass that fills the room up perfectly as you turn the volume up. These sounds match perfectly with the vivid and colorful visual, as we see luxury come into play, perfectly serving to be parallel to the intense musical background. Play this beautiful song and just feel the light-hearted yet extremely emotional energy. 
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