Chiara King narrates the thrill of the chase in new single “Party With A Monster”

Chiara King is a British pop singer and social media sensation known for her exuberant beats and captivating vocals. Her latest release “Party With A Monster” chronicles a dangerous romance centered around an enticing party landscape. Chiara King admits the allure of mysterious flirtation and the magnetic pull from a love interest she just can’t seem to grasp.

“Party With A Monster” draws together heavyset percussion, deep and dark vocal reverbs, and vibrant beats for a tune that is hauntingly dynamic. Chiara King writes about the heightened tension that could only arise from a party’s intense atmosphere. She sings, “Tell me I should run away / psycho exes, playground games.” “Party With A Monster” dwells on the ebb and flow of power dynamics in new relationships and the undeniable attraction to a courtship just out of reach.

Chiara King is a viral TikTok personality with upwards of 3.5 million followers. Her debut single led her to an opportunity opening for Jason Derulo. Her latest release, “Party With A Monster”, is a seductive and danceable groove that’s sure to stimulate the senses while indulging your darkest romantic dreams.

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