Chin Injeti finds solace in new single “Falling”

Canadian singer and standout producer Chin Injeti is known for his precise and loaded injections of passion into each track. His latest song, “Falling,” has been given a special mixture and a heavy dose of vulnerability. Injeti recalls in the soulful track the death of his father, how he grappled with the reality of it, and how he has emerged a stronger being for it. “Falling” is a book Injeti did not dare open until now, its contents are meant to be appreciated.

Injeti’s music is characterized by contemporary R&B compositions that have drippings of both modern pop and ’80s soul, each delivered carefully for the desired effect, be it dance or reflection. “Falling” certainly falls on the latter, its robust ambiance, and pain-stricken refrains are sandwiched between synth embellishments and nimble drum snaps for a sound that washes over like cool, sobering water. The production is as slick as has come to be expected from this Vancouver, BC artist: each sound is vibrant as it slowly reveals the sonic mosaic the artist wishes you to discover, and it only intensifies from there.

The single comes during a time of turmoil and contemplation, and provides, at least musically, a type of comfort sorely needed. Injeti’s willingness to open up about a tragic subject, and his overall desire to continue his craft during tough times, has produced a single worth taking the time to explore. It is in the raw impotence of the moment recalled where “Falling” and its intoxicating beats find life.

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