Chloe Florence shares her intoxicating new offering “Synergy” featuring Myles Lloyd

Chloe Florence has become known for her outstanding vocal performances and simply enthralling melodies, and now she is back with her new offering “Synergy.” Blending pop and R&B into her own kaleidoscope of sound, her latest single showcases her impeccable musicality.

In collaboration with acclaimed artist Myles Lloyd, the duo explore dreamy discourses into recurring late-night romances. As Florence delves into self-discovery, her resonance and humbling authenticity shine brightly. She confides, “Sonically, Synergy embodies the tipping point, right before one confesses their feelings for the other. They’re addicted to playing with fire as they haven’t been burned (yet). There are feelings hidden under covers and subliminal messages found between the lines of their late-night conversations – in bed and during late-night drives. The lyrics depict the situationship as lustful, mysterious, dangerous, and intense.”

As pulsating basslines rise atop echoic melodies and enthralling choruses, “Synergy” comes to life with the perfect amount of sonic sass. Florence continues, “I knew I wanted to write about this recurring experience, this place I kept getting stuck in while dating. It’s a topic I knew a lot of my friends would relate to.”

Needless to say, “Synergy” sets Chloe Florence apart. With the hope that her music opens up a space for truly honest dialogue, it’s clear that she is carving out an exceptional musical persona.

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