Chloe Florence unleashes her daring new EP, ‘Ego Pleaser’

Chloe Florence’s new EP provides listeners with daring beats and a haunting vocal tone. Ego Pleaser touches on themes of perfection, self-discovery and identity, concocting a strong persona who is ready to take charge. The Montreal, Canada native’s pop/ R&B sound is so authentic and raw. This new EP has that intense passion fans love from the singer. Florence reveals of the EP, " It follows this character’s story that is loosely based on myself and begins in the song “Radio”, followed by “Insane”, “Bonnie No Clyde”, and now “Ego Pleaser” and “Scarlet Letter”. 

The title track is all about this desire to appear perfect in the eyes of others. That need can be so strong, that you will not even admit to yourself you are struggling. Her rich, textured vocals soar over upbeat, shimmery soundscapes creating a truly captivating release. The fast-paced production fits the song so well as it evokes a sense of moving along quickly and not stopping to evaluate feelings that may be buried deep. “Ooh so sick and tired of trying /Lying to myself just to keep the surface smiling.”

“Radio” is a poignant track narrating a negative relationship. It details being so addicted to someone you keep getting lured back despite the toxicity. With her emotive tone and atmospheric soundscapes, we are instantly sucked in.

Concluding with “Bonnie No Clyde,” the bold offering depicts an independent woman who thrives on her own. Florence's vocals emit a jazzy sound indicative of singers of the '40s. The smoky piece perfectly showcases just how powerful females can be.          

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