Chris Hue and MAY BBY share the transformative “Leave”

They say there’s beauty in simplicity, and Netherlands-based producer Chris Hue and singer-songwriter MAY BBY achieve just that with their minimalistic ballad, “Leave,” the third single of their forthcoming collaborative EP. Their collaboration thus far has been a fruitful synergy, with a couple of singles expertly exploring the gloomier shades of artistically driven, minimal alt-pop.

“Leave” offers brief interlude from the energy established so far on the project, seeing the production stripped even further back to two simple elements: vocals and synthesiser. The sparsity, combined with the slightly left-of-centre synth bolster the intimate, emotional weight of MAY BBY’s icy vocal, crafting something so simple yet so intensely captivating. The constant to and fro of the dynamics gently laps at your ears, firmly holding your attention as the lyrical narrative unfolds toward a tastefully reserved crescendo.

May and Hue detail in the email press release that, “Leave is a very raw and emotional song about the fear of opening yourself up to a new relationship. Being scared of getting hurt whilst also being scared of hurting the other person, a feeling that most people can relate to… [“Leave”] guides you through a wave of significant emotions, creating a cathartic-like experience.”

“Leave” is out now via FUGA, and keep your eyes peeled for the full project when it drops.

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