Chris Malinchak lifts the soul “When The World Stops Turning”

New York based producer Chris Malinchak has been known to deliver these chilled out cozy tunes that fuse house with R&B, jazz, and pop. His biggest single “So Good To Me” is the epitome of that signature sound with an abundance of warmth and sentiment running through twinkling production. It’s a track that you can dance and vibe to, but it also has this serenity that simultaneously gives the feeling of a lullaby. Malinchak’s latest release, “When The World Stops Turning,” has that peaceful chill house sound but brings more classic house flair for the dance floor.

“When The World Stops Turning” is the perfect anthem to soothe and lift your spirits. Malinchak says in his press release, “There have always been tough times to be sure, but this feels like maybe some of the toughest. When I listen to this I feel calm and hopeful, happy and sad. I hope you feel something when you listen.” Between the innate optimism of the melodies and overall production, the track has contagious good vibes.

The vocals sing out “Please just give me something to feel alive,” and Malinchak delivers. Shuffling hi-hats paired with a rich, bouncing bass line work to drive the track through the silkier layers of synths and R&B-infused vocals. The result is a timeless sleek and sophisticated groove shared at a moment when the world could use some uplifting. “When The World Stops Turning” is out now on Ultra Records, available to stream and download.

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