Chris Wills brightens up the mood with enchanting retro visuals for “Pyro”

Chris Wills‘s shift from New Jersey to Los Angeles was not an effortless one. From living in his car to being involved in a tumultuous relationship, Wills’s world became pure chaos. Even with these obstacles thrown his way, he was still able to find peace in his life. Though the move to the city of dreams did have its difficulties, it was a thrilling change from his life back home in suburban New Jersey.  

Chris Wills’s latest single “Pyro” is another prime example of the songwriter opting for a more daring choice, this time in love.  Like a pyro craves fire, he is infatuated by a wild romance that he can’t let go of. He longs for an adventurous relationship and quickly gets tired of normality. The effervescent video pairs seamlessly with the Beach Boys-inspired sound. Showcasing a charming vintage aesthetic with bright pops of yellow, the visuals glow, much like bright flames of a fire.   

The 22-year-old is known for his colorful out of the box artistry. Wills spent the last couple of years writing and recording music that is personal to his unique experiences. He records songs with his close friends, creating a safe space where he can be fearless in his vulnerability.  Watch “Pyro” now and be entranced by the vivid visuals.

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