Christian Blue rides his own wave in, “Leave It Unlocked” [Video]

Christian Blue’s debut track, “Leave It Unlocked,” has been given a new music video following the release of the Bay Area raised, Los Angeles-based producer, songwriter’s sophomore song, “Money Talks.” The venture into a solo career is new for Blue, but his past experiences in producing for prominent artists are seen in the danceable, ear-worm style shown in his first pair of records. 

The video is the first visual released by Blue and begins to give a feel for his burgeoning personality while also providing a new perspective of the single’s lush, infectious funk fest. The psychedelic shoot is a translation of transition skating, placing Blue in a beach side sandy bowl, wearing cool shoes, and vibing to the track’s warbling bass lines. There are several shots of Blue skating but the rest of the video also uses the same dynamic camera motions and editing practices typical of skate videos. His array of vocal approaches seen in the single are likened to navigating through a skate session: impromptu and inspired.  

“Leave It Unlocked” is available to stream here via The Nice Life.  

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