Chronixx offers hope on latest single “Same Prayer”

At this point in world history, it’s hard to argue that humanity could use a healthy dose of love and understanding to heal our societal wounds and Chronixx is here to deliver. The Jamaican artist has returned with a peaceful new single entitled “Same Prayer,” which follows “Dela Move” as the second preview track of his forthcoming second album Dela Smash, which is set for release later this year. With a guest appearance from Kabaka Pyramid and tasteful production from Zion I Kings, “Same Prayer” is incredibly relevant during these tumultuous times as Chronixx offers his own prayer for younger generations dealing with adversity.

Chronixx’s signature vocal style holds the listener’s attention through the song as he praises Jah with lyrics like, “Jah gave me all the strength I need / to make it through this world I was born in.” Pyramid’s verse resonates even more with current events as he sings, “Keep my focus right, no oversight / a battlefield this life is so much like / but with you as my guide and shield, any pain I man feel, time will heal.” All the while, Zion I Kings’ understated production offers thumping instrumentals that keep the groove going without falling into typical tropes. More than anything, “Same Prayer” is a calming, thoughtful track from Chronixx that could not have come at a more opportune time.

“Same Prayer” is available to stream or download here via Soul Circle Music.

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